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We all have a story to tell. We help people share their stories of vulnerability, connect with people going through similar situations, and gain insight from people who have been through it already — with a focus on mental wellness.


Combining photography and storytelling can help you open up and discuss difficult topics like depression, anxiety, and bullying. We have created a simple set of techniques over the last four years that have helped many people start talking about the issues they were previously silent about — changing and saving lives. By telling your story you are simultaneously helping yourself and helping others. 


...the added element of attaching a short written “story” to one’s photographs increases the learning and healing that can take place.
— Stephanie Blumensaat


Over the last four years, we have been using photographic storytelling to help people share their vulnerabilities and insights related to mental wellness. With a simple website, an important conversation developed and we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about why many of us choose silence over speaking out and how photographic storytelling can be used to spark insight in ourselves and others — changing and saving lives. At this time, we are no longer accepting story submissions as we develop our online courses and new storytelling platform. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who stepped forward to share their story early on with us.

The Story that started it all

Photography saved my life...

There was a time in my life when I was extremely lonely. Anxiety would numb my body and break ties between my mind and vocal cords. An endless loop brought me down a dark path, and I fell deep into depression. I lived out every alternative in my head, worried about what could be. I lost precious time and I lost myself... That is when I found photography. Always searching for the answer in others, I realized it was within me the entire time.  The One Project began as a journal of creative expression, a visual notebook of my thoughts and feelings hidden out of view. Photography gave me a voice and I found a way to talk about this dark time in my life. By taking photos of the people in my life and combining our stories, I was able to shine light on the darkness and provoke thoughts in myself and others. The thoughts turned to words and a conversation began.

We are becoming more interconnected as the Internet develops and technology progresses, yet the space between us seems to grow as a result of impersonal connections. People appear to stress more over losing phones than friends. I believe this is what is holding many of us back from achieving true happiness and realizing our dreams; it is what held me back.


We hold on to these thoughts, emotions, and experiences burying them deep inside, suppressing them, and numbing ourselves with drugs, alcohol, and media. We can no longer be left with our thoughts as they scream out to us to be expressed—we lose ourselves—but there is a light that shines within us all. Find that light inside of you, let it shine, and share it with others. Most people are willing to open up and reveal the fact that they deal with the same struggles; you just need to be the one to take the first step.

The mission of The One Project is to inspire people out of depression and into their dreams. By telling stories of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles, and allowing people to connect through their own experiences, this Project can create change. The One Project changed my life, and it can change yours as well.

The One Project is not only stories of personal struggles with mental health, but also a community, conversation, and call to action to inspire change.  Join the conversation and tell your story! We can inspire through our interaction.

Bryce Evans | Founder of The One Project