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Our #EraseBullying campaign was inspired by the story of Angelika Matson combined with the submissions of over 100 people who answered this question. We want to expose the raw reality of bullying, give people an opportunity to work through the hurt of past experiences, and spark conversation to help develop ways to prevent bullying in the future.

Please submit your uncensored answer in the form below and help us continue to develop this anti-bullying campaign.

You can choose to remain anonymous (providing your name is optional), but please provide your age, gender you identify as, and location to help us build a better picture of what bullying really looks like. Below you will find many more ways to get involved. Thank you.

We are people — not 'bullies', 'victims', or 'bystanders' — and we all have a story to tell.
Erase Bullying - The Solution Is In Our Hands Tagline

We believe that loneliness and silence are the foundation for many issues, including bullying. That's why we want you to get talking and get involved! Share your story, organize a presentation, or help promote #EraseBullying within your network and community. You have the power to overcome the words and experiences. The solution is in our hands.

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"The power to erase the words is literally in their hands. And that's what we need, more people to stand up and take matters into their own hands and this campaign really captures that."

― Angelika Matson

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