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The One Project

The One Project is a platform for people to share their stories of vulnerability, connect with people going through similar situations, and gain insight from people who have been through it already — focusing on mental wellness.


Learn how photography can help you reduce stress and achieve mental wellness. Discover more about yourself and how your photos can lead to insights and a happier life.


The One Project teaches you how to use photography and storytelling to share stories of vulnerability, gain insight from your story and others, and show gratitude to those who helped you with their story. With a photograph and a few sentences you are able to break the silence and overcome great obstacles within yourself — while also helping others through their journey. We are committed to helping you discover the one insight that can change your life.

Learn more about photographic storytelling and the stories our community have told so far.

Our focus

... is on mental wellness and opening up conversations on difficult topics like depression, suicide, and bullying through photographic storytelling. We believe silence and perceived loneliness are the foundation for many issues — it's time to start talking, connecting, and changing ourselves so we can change our world!

Why? We believe...

... one insight can change a life

... everyone has a story to tell

... not everything can be put into words — photos help

... in the therapeutic power of photography

... mental wellness is of the upmost importance

... a lack of insight leads to unrealized potential 

... people inherently want to help each other

... in the value of vulnerability

... facing your greatest fears leads to your greatest dreams

... every life has value — we can all change the world



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The One Project is a new podcast hosted by Bryce Evans that digs deeper into people's stories with a focus on mental wellness, creativity and the arts, and how to overcome great struggles in life to go on to amazing success.

In each episode we breakdown topics like depression, anxiety, and the stresses of everyday life — as well as discuss what books, tools, and routines people use to maintain their mental and physical health, while striving for excellence.


I began to see how this could not only change my life, but help others do the same for themselves.
— Bryce Evans, Joseph Wu: folding his way through depression | Vancouver Sun